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Nintendo Might Release Discontinued Amiibo Figures as Cards

Nintendo decided to discontinue some of the amiibo figurines a few days back, but now they are considering a replacement for them in terms of cards.

The cards would function in the same way as the figurines did, which means that they will unlock or add some new stuff in the compatible games.

This news comes straight from Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, who in an interview hinted the return of discontinued figurines in the form of cards.

In the future, we have the option, if certain ‘amiibo’ figures are no longer available in stores, to release an ‘amiibo’ in card form with the same functionality.

He continued on to say that the upcoming games on the platform will continue to support amiibo functionality as a gift for the people that bought them.

We’ll continue to make future games that will have functionality with the “amiibo” characters as an additional present for people who bought them. Beyond that, we’re looking at how we can use the “amiibo” functionality in the future, including cards and whatnot.

The figurines that have been discontinued by Nintendo are of Villager, Marth and Wii Fit Trainer, so if you manage to get your hands on them before they went out of stock, then you are among the lucky ones.

The second wave of amibbo figurines featuring Princess Zelda, Diddy Kong, Captain Falcon and Luigi will hit the stores today.

Would you like to see cards version of discontinued amiibo figurines? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: ABC News.