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NEEDforSEAT Sponsors AT Gaming eSports Team

Benelux organization AT Gaming has struck a new sponsor, NEEDforSEAT. As the name gives away, this company manufactures chairs targeted primarily towards a gaming audience.

AT Gaming is one of the biggest eSports teams in the Benelux, the region comprised of Belgium (Be), The Netherlands (Ne) and Luxemburg (Lux). With the sponsorship, the two companies have created their own line of Maxnoimic chairs.

Seats are branded with AT Gaming’s logo and come in three different varieties: Office comfort, Casual sport and Pro Gaming & Office. All builds are fashioned in black with grey and red touches.

Maxnomic chairs are a rather pricy item, ranging from €299 to €369, though this is translated into a quality build. A purchase also comes with an extra cushion, just in case that can sway you.

For fans of live animals, the seats are decked out in faux leather. Polyurethane is used for durability, but no fluffy critter was skinned for the seat’s make.

Manufacturer NEEDforSEAT is rather active in the gaming circuit, already offering their sponsorship to multiple eSports organizations like ESL, Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses. Their products can also be seen behind a few popular YouTube personalities.

Jaap Visser of AT Gaming is thrilled about the new deal. The general manager of the team commented:

When we experienced the MAXNOMIC® seats during Gamescom 2014 we were sold immediately! With great pleasure we signed the partnership with Need for Seat for 2015. Besides the high quality chairs they produce, they are also thrilled about esports!

AT Gaming has multiple teams in eSports categories. Their presence can be found in games like StarCraft II, Counter-Strik: Global Offensive and FIFA.