Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Crashes, Errors, Graphics, Launch Issues, and Fixes

Solid Snake took its time to slither its way to PC with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, but it’s worth the wait. System requirements for the PC version were not available until earlier today, but it’s a relief to see a decent port by Kojima Productions. While the game runs fine, even on older rigs, there are a fistful of issues that you might encounter.

This guide is designed to provide you an overview of different commonly reported errors and their possible workarounds that users have reported while trying to play the game. Most of these issues revolve around frequent crashes and controls. Here is a quick rundown of most commonly reported errors reported in MGS V: Ground Zeroes.

#1 MGS V: Ground Zeroes – How to Obtain 21:9 Aspect Ratio
Since there is no official support for 21:9 ratio, there is a possible workaround to run the game in your desired aspect ratio. To get started, you need to download Custom Resolution Utility 1.1.2. Once you’ve done this, open up NvididaCP and add any resolution you desire.

#2 MGS V: Ground Zeroes – Game Not launching at All
Some players are unable to launch the game at all which can be fixed by installing ‘redists’ from the game folder in SteamApp. In order to do so, find the ‘.exe’ file in the DirectX folder and look for the repair option for VC. You need to ensure that you keep in mind your OS (32-bit or 64-bit).

Once you have done so, restart your PC and create a profile in your GPU’s control panel followed by running the game.

#3 MGS V: Ground Zeroes – Shaky Camera in the Game
Some players are reporting shaky cameras as soon as they start the game. This issue most commonly occurs due to an external controller attached. In order to fix this, double-check all your USB devices and unplug any kind of gamepad attached. Once this is done, start the game and plug in the gamepad once you’re in the game. This should fix the issue!

#4 MGS V: Ground Zeroes – Experiencing Less Frames per Second
There are some players experiencing dropped frames per second even on a decent PC. One possible workaround that has worked for some people is to run the game in fullscreen mode instead of borderless windowed mode.

#5 MGS V: Ground Zeroes – Blurry Characters on Max Settings
Some players, even on playing max settings have reported experiencing blurry characters especially Snake. This is a commonly reported issue occurring due to Screen Filtering which is responsible for handling Depth of Field. You need to lower it to high or even lower instead of Extra High to fix this issue.

#6 MGS V: Ground Zeroes – External Controller Not Working
Similar to shaky camera at the beginning of the game, some players are unable to use their external controllers to play the game. Like I have mentioned above with the shaky camera issue, you are required to unplug your external controller and double-check all USB-connected devices followed by running the game.

Once you are inside the game, plug in your external controllers and it should work flawlessly!

#7 MGS V: Ground Zeroes – Screen Tearing with V-Sync Turned On
When playing the game on max settings with V-Sync turned on, you might experience some screen tearing in the game. One of the ways to fix this issue is to force V-Sync using an external application like Nvidia Inspector. Trying limiting the FPS a little less than solid 60 using the Nvidia Inspector to overcome this issue.

#8 MGS V: Ground Zeroes – Issues when Playing Using a Keyboard/Mouse
Aside from the external controllers, some players have reported experiencing issues while trying to play the game using a keyboard/mouse. You might experience things like inability to use the mouse or rotating characters. Once again, the issue lies with external gamepads. In order to fix this, you need to open up your Device Manager by right-clicking on My Computer.

Once you are inside Device Manager, locate ‘vJoy Device’ and disable it!

#9 MGS V: Ground Zeroes – Unresolved Issues
There are some unresolved issues plaguing the game which, I like to believe, immediately require a patch. Some of these issues include no bullets ejecting from weapons, game constantly showing controller prompts even when no controller is plugged in, and inability to bound the middle mouse button. Hopefully there is a patch underway and will fix this as soon as possible.

#10 MGS V: Ground Zeroes – Steam Interface Not Working
Another commonly reported issue is the inability to make the Steam Interface work which leads to inability to view Achievements and take in-game screenshots. In order to fix this, make sure that you do not have any external recording programs running and then restart the game.

In addition to this, you can also try out opening up RTSS and enabling ‘Custom Direct3D Support’. And lastly, make sure that you are not running programs like EVGA Precision X or MSI Afterburner.

If you are facing any other issues or you have a workaround of your own, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comments below.