Mass Effect 4 Designer Shares Excitement and Wonder Over How Good the Game is Looking

BioWare continues to tease us with bits of information about the new Mass Effect title.

Game Designer Jos Hendriks recently took to Twitter to inform us of his adventures in space and how pretty the game is looking.

“I’m in space now, you guys. Space sure looks pretty these days,” read the first tweet.

He then proceeded to describe the experience, saying that it made him feel wonderful and excited. “I just want to play a full game of this now. Can it be done yet?”

That was followed by some words about the new Mako. Featured in the first Mass Effect title, the vehicle was used by players to traverse the plains of new planets. However, the handling and durability was clumsy. Previously BioWare mentioned that the new Mako would handle better.

“I can’t tell you about the stuff I’m seeing and doing. But it is really cool stuff. Loving the feel of the Mako zipping across terrain.”

Hendriks certainly seems excited about how the game is shaping up. He also said later that it’s fascinated how a single portion of the game has kept him glued to the screen, while there’s so much more to see and do.

We’re currently calling it Mass Effect 4 but that in fact is a working title. BioWare has yet to reveal what name they’ll be going for, as it will not be a sequel to the Mass Effect trilogy, but in fact will feature a new story in the same universe.

Source Twitter