Far Cry 4 ‘Escape From Durgesh Prison’ DLC Brings Permadeath Challenge

The first downloadable content of Far Cry 4 season pass called Escape from Durgesh Prison is set launch on Jan. 13, 2015.

It will introduce a number of new challenges to the game, which you will have to complete as fast as you can for a chance to get a spot in the global leaderboards.

However, it is easier said than done because Escape from Durgesh Prison will bring permadeath to the game, which means that once you are dead, that will be the end of your journey.

To make the experience even more thrilling, you will start with no equipment or weapons whatsoever. The only way to gain all the gear will be to complete multiple tasks.

There will different runs in the escape, and in each run you will learn something new or get something new that will be used in the next run.

The runs will continue if you don’t die and eventually the escape will be successful, and your final time will be posted on the leaderboards.

If you don’t like the time that you ended up with the first time, then worry not as you can try it out once again and to better your odds, you might want to bring a friend with you as well.

Season pass holders will be able to boot up this DLC for free, while non-season pass holders will have to pay $10 to escape from the prison.

Until Jan. 13, 2015, you can finish up the main storyline and the plethora of side missions that are available in Far Cry 4.