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Destiny XUR Agent of The Nine Location and Items For December 19-21

Attention all Guardians! The renowned XUR Agent is back this week with some more exotic weapons and armor. The contents available this week can be yours for some extra Strange Coins and Motes of light (MoL).

If you have some items on your list this week which you wish to purchase. You can find the exotic vendor in the Tower, near the Speaker.

The vendor will also be carrying upgraded versions of exotic weapons and armors. However, to get the upgraded versions, you must have The Dark Below Expansion installed.

You can check out the list available items below:

Ruin Wings

Class: Hunter
Type: Exotic Gauntlets
Cost: 13 Strange Coins
Requirement: The Dark Below DLC

Knucklehead Radar

Class: Hunter
Type: Helmet
Cost: 13 Strange Coins
Requirement: The Dark Below DLC

Class of Ahamkara

Class: Warlock
Type: Gauntlets
Cost: 13 Strange Coins
Requirement: N/A

Patience and Time

Class: All
Type: Exotic Sniper Rifle
Cost: 17 Strange Coins
Requirement: N/A

Apart from these items you can purchase Exotic Engram for 23 Motes of Light and Exotic Shard for 7 Strange Coins. So there you have it, see anything interesting? If so, you better hurry up as the agent won’t be around for long.

XUR Agent of The Nine is going to stay available near the Speaker till December 21, Sunday 1 AM PDT before he disappears for another week.

So which items will you be buying this week? I would recommend Patience and Time as it can be helpful in The Dark Below missions. Let us know which items have caught your eye in the comments below!