Destiny Player Beats Crota’s End Raid on his Own

Destiny Raid missions are not an easy challenge even for a whole clan but what if I told you that Crota’s End can be completed solo.

One Destiny player has managed to do the impossible. The player known as “sc Slayerage” on XBLA has finished the raid alone. Considering, that even some teams struggle to finish this together, this is a really impressive achievement.

You might not believe me so check the video above and tell me if I’m wrong.

The player belongs to a clan named “The Legend Himself” and Crota’s End is just one of their many achievements.

If you remember, The Legend Himself is the same clan who first completed the Vault of Glass with just 3 members of the team.

In addition to taking down Crota, sc Slayerage showed us some pretty neat dance moves before jumping into the abyss and taking on Crota’s minions. I guess bringing a “sword to a gun fight” didn’t really worked for Crota after all.

Do you have what it takes to take on Crota alone? If so, Crota’s End is a part of The Dark Below Expansion. Grab a season pass for $34.99 or purchase it separately for $19.99. If you do go down there alone, let us know how it turned out for you in the comments below!