Xian Mei Shows Up In Dead Island: Epidemic Too

A new character has appeared in Dead Island: Epidemic, the free-to-play alternative in the franchise. Some may recognize Xian Mei from previous iterations in the franchise.

In a gameplay clip showcasing the character’s moves, Dead Island: Epidemic focuses heavily on the arena gameplay model of the game. In fact, the profile rundown of skills is basically a copy from every other arena thing out there.

Xian Mei has a passive that has a chance to produce a level one replica, which can attack enemies.

Active skills revolve around melee strikes and mobility. A first move, Swords Dance, extends the melee range to a radius around Xian Mei, hitting all enemies in the circle.

Swords dance can be upgraded once with serrated blades, which slows down enemies 100%. A second tier, lightning moves, also gives the fighter a chance to evade attacks for a short while.

With Heavenly Strike, Xian Mei leaps forward, coming down for damage on an area of enemies. With a first upgrade, it’s possible to coral nearby foes before hitting the ground. Another upgrade builds rage.

Xian Mei can also create a normal replica, which attacks with unmodified weapons. Increasing this tier once regains health, while doing it twice creates two illusions instead of one.

Finally, Lingering Cut is an ultimate attack that works in a straight line, hitting all in its way. Those affected become time bombs, triggering damaging areas upon detonation. With an upgrade, this skill also reduces enemy attacks.

Aside from the arena stuff, Dead Island: Epidemic also offers events that work more like an action roleplaying game (RPG). An Open Beta is now available on Steam.