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Valve is Stopping Cross Country Steam Game Gifts with Region Locking

Alright it looks like fluctuations in the forex rates are really taking their toll even on companies like Valve Corporation and setup as big as Steam.

We have picked up word from multiple Reddit discussions that the digital game distribution service has now put a region lock on all their games.

This means that you are not going to be able to buy the game in one region and gift it to someone else in a different region. Technically, the motive behind this is not to limit the ease of access to the Steam users but to curtail the market of game trading where people would take advantage of difference in prices.

There are certain regions (Russia for example) where the games are comparatively cheaper than other regions (North America for example). So what these people do is that they purchase the game in a cheap region like Russia and sell it in an expensive region like United States for a little margin of their own.

As far as the reasoning for the difference in prices is concerned, some of the developers take into consideration the pricing of similar products in specific markets as well as use straight conversion that results in the difference in effective prices of the product.

Talking of the change in Valve Corporation’s policy that puts a ban on cross country Steam game gifting feature, it is mostly the cheap regions that are being affected. You will experience the difference if you are in South America, Eastern Europe and Asia mostly.

What do you think of the region locking policy of Valve, will you be affected by not being able to gift or get gifted a game from a friend across the border?