This War of Mine Update 1.2 Brings a New Shelter Among Other Additions

This War of Mine piqued the interest of a lot of players upon its announcement, and its release last month didn’t disappoint either. The game has been played by a large number of players and all of them have good things to say about it.

Due to the success of the game, 11 Bit Studios has decided to add new content via update 1.2 that will increase the game’s replayability. This update is available now for all players.

The game launched with just one shelter, but this new update adds a new one which is located in a remote area, and has a completely different feel to it.

Another addition made with this update is the option that allows you to pick the starting characters that you want to play This War of Mine with. To unlock this option, you will have to play through the game at least once.

Finally, there are some improvements and fixes that have made their way into the game to enhance the overall experience.

Few animations have been improved, the behaviors of NPCs have been revamped, and some locations have been perfected.

After this update, civilians and NPCs will not pass through the closed doors during a fight. Also, raw food and vegetables when eaten together will be equal to eating a full-fledged cooked meal.

Apart from the aforementioned improvements and additions, update 1.2 fixes several issues. You can catch up on all the patch notes right here.