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Space Hulk: Ascension Gets Imperial Fists Expansion DLC

Board game adaptation Space Hulk: Ascension has received its first round of downloadable content (DLC). For $7.99 or a lesser equal €7.99 for Europeans, it’s possible to pick up the Imperial Fists expansion on Steam.

In this add-on, it’s possible to undergo the Shield of Retribution campaign that tacks on fifteen new story missions, as well as twenty more flash missions. This is said to add between 15 and 20 hours of additional gameplay.

Sergeant units in the Imperial Fists chapter of Space Marines can carry a new weapon, a Tarantula. This item increases defense with a +10 modifier, but removes the possibility for psychers.

Additionally, a new Tarantula Sentry Turret can be found during the campaign. A lower version of the weapon can fire in a 180 degree radius and comes with some ammo, while the upgraded gun does the full 360 degrees and gets fully loaded up.

Space Hulk: Ascension is the sequel to the original board game adaptation that appeared last year. Its first iteration was met with criticism for a lack of content, only peppering in missions and other features.

The Imperial Fists expansion already has a lot more missions than previous DLC chapters. Additionally, the main game comes with more than 100 missions, spread over 3 campaigns.

There’s also a lot more customization possible in the sequel too, along with more weapons.

Since the Steam Holiday Sale just started, you can grab Space Hulk: Ascension, if you don’t own it yet. It’s currently up for a 35% discount, which puts it at €18.19.