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Phil Spencer Responds to Pachter’s Comments About Xbox One’s Timid 2015 Lineup

Xbox head Phil Spencer has provided clarification in regards to a recent statement by industry analyst Michael Pachter about Xbox One’s lineup for 2015.

According to Pachter, the PlayStation 4 will have more titles next year, even though Microsoft has been teasing about a whole armada of announcements being planned for 2015.

“I don’t know what Microsoft has planned but I will be willing to bet that it’s not this many,” he said. “I am surprised because I really thought that manufacturers won’t take the risk of developing for one console and they are taking it.”

The statement made a lot of Xbox One owners uneasy, who then proceeded to ask Phil Spencer for an answer.

“His quote in the article “I don’t know what MS has planned…” is correct, he doesn’t know our ’15 lineup,” responded Spencer on Twitter.

Previously, the Xbox boss teased that the amount of titles they currently have for 2015 is so large, that Microsoft is having issues trying to arrange a proper schedule. That in some way also hints that some big names are ultimately going to be pushed ahead to make space for others.

The PlayStation 4 recently scored with Street Fighter V, leaving the Xbox community pretty unhappy of seeing an iconic fight franchise being sidelined on the other side of the fence. With the new year about to start, expect Microsoft to go all out with announcements and regain its momentum in this next-gen war.