Legend Of Zelda Wii U’s Open World Discussed By Miyamoto

We have already heard Nintendo saying that the upcoming Legend of Zelda for Wii U will be the biggest game in the series but we didn’t know how big it actually would be.

However, to clarify, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has dived into some specifics during a new interview.

He starts off by saying that the focus of Legend of Zelda games have always been on exploration but due to the hardware limitations, developers were unable to deliver an open world per se.

However, with the capabilities of Wii U, it is no longer an issue and developers can make a completely open world that can be explored by the players at will. He even gave an example to emphasize on how big the game’s world actually is.

Let’s see what we can do if we take an entire world the size of the world from Twilight Princess and just try to make that as one area in the game.

He continued on to say that the game can be played as freely as possible but it will also be broken up into small portions, which will allow players in enjoying even the smaller sessions.

What we’re trying to do is design it in a way that you don’t necessarily have to sit down and play it for a super long time. But, kind of, more matched to today’s lifestyle where you think for a little bit and say, ‘Maybe I just want to play for a little bit today and do this one thing, get that done, and then take a break.

Apart from talking about the huge world of Legend of Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto shared some new information about next year’s Star Fox game, amiibo functionality and Mario Maker. You can check out the whole interview in the video attached above.