Killing Floor 2 Dev Diary Highlights the Weapon System

Killing Floor 2 was announced earlier this year for Windows and Steam OS only, but at the PlayStation experience event, it was revealed that the highly anticipated shooter will also be making its way to PlayStation 4.

Those of you who have already played the first entry in the series would know that the weapons play a very important role in the game and this one’s no different.

To showcase some of the weaponry that will be available at your disposal in the upcoming title, Tripwire Interactive has released a new developers diary.

As you might have expected, there are some really over the top, crazy and awesome guns in the game.

There are some real time weapons like generic assault rifles and shotguns, but developers want to go beyond by introducing some creative weapons as well.

In addition to talking about weapons, the video above shows how these weapons will actually look and feel in the game.

You can see AA-12, it’s an automatic shotgun that will make quick work of the zeds, as it is extremely powerful and effective.

Berserker class takes action right to the zeds, up close and personal. You can expect to see some amazing melee weapons for this class in the future.

The game with such unique arsenal, has to have a flamethrower and luckily, Killing Floor 2 got one (or more than one) and it’s awesome.

Finally, developers talk about medic weapon, there are four tiers of this weapon. First, it is an automatic pistol, which transforms into an SMG, while third tier is Shotgun. Fourth and final tier of this weapon is assault rifle. It gives Medic class a lot of safety from the Zeds.

To check out some of the amazing weapons headed your way via Killing Floor 2, check out the attached video above.