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Final Fantasy Explorers Gets FFVII Costume DLC

Action-oriented spinoff Final Fantasy Explorers has added themed costumes as downloadable content (DLC). Outfits for three characters from Final Fantasy VII are announced now, with more being revealed at a later date.

Final Fantasy Explorers already includes lots of materials from other games in the franchise. For instance, characters can transform into people from earlier iterations, such as Vaan, Lightning or Cecil, channeling their strength against enemies.

Moreover, summons such as Shiva, Alexander or Diablos can be encountered and battled. These spirits can also be called to your aid.

DLC for the Nintendo 3DS roleplaying game (RPG) currently includes outfits for Cloud, Aerith and Tifa. They can be seen with a Buster Sword, Guard Rod or Premium Heart respectively.

Costume DLC comes at a price of 150 yen each, which is about a buck a pop. You can shout out if you think that’s an appropriate price or not in the comments.

Final Fantasy Explorers is out today in Japan. It uses more of a Monster Hunter model that gives players quests and lets them explore a world at their leisure.

Additionally, combat shifts to a full real-time design. Parties can be made up of characters with different jobs, such as White Mage, Alchemist or Onion Knight.

There’s also a multiplayer aspect to Final Fantasy Explorers. Up to four players can connect to each other to tackle the game’s many quests.

Everyone cross their fingers that Final Fantasy Explorers does really well in Japan, because we’re still hoping for a localization message to happen soon.

Source: SIliconera.