Here are Some of the Best Minecraft Mods for Christmas

With the Christmas break around the corner, everyone is busy planning how to best spend the holidays; but we all know how that ends for a gamer!

We are always looking forward to something new in the games that we love; and since millions among us love Minecraft, here we are with some Minecraft mods that are going to swing along the Christmas mood perfectly.

In the video above you will see our Adam McDermott talking about the different mods that have been made in Christmas theme.

You will see blocks covered with white and red stripes; you will find tons of decorated Christmas trees and much more. In a mod called The North Pole, you see Santa’s home, his workshop and everything else related to the good old gift bearer.

Another of the Minecraft mods is called Christmas Festivities which is still a work in progress but it seems awesome with the giant candies and the full colors of Christmas.

Check out the video above for more as well as a detailed introduction of each one of these as well as some others. Do tell us what you think of them, and which ones you will be playing this time around.