Total War Rome 2 Wrath of Sparta DLC Trailer Shows off what’s in Store

Total War Rome 2 was originally released to Microsoft Windows in September 2013; this was followed by the game’s release on OSX exactly a year later. While the Linux version is said to come out sometime, the developers aren’t settling for just that.

Total War Rome 2 Wrath of Sparta DLC has not really been talked about, but it surely is going to be a treat for the fans of the game.

I say that after watching the official trailer above that was released by The Creative Assembly today upon the release of the expansion pack itself.

While the scenery isn’t as hilly, the trailer really gives the ‘this is Sparta!’ feeling. You see similar armors and similar heated debates on what to do with the looming fear of enemies; and you also watch the Spartans spill blood all over the battleground.

It is really blood pumping and really exciting as far as the trailer is concerned; check it out and tell us what you think.

For everyone who wishes to get their hands on the Total War Rome 2 Wrath of Sparta DLC, it is now being sold for a price of $14.99.