Test Your Survival Skills in This Dying Light Interactive Trailer

Techland has released an interactive trailer for Dying Light that features gameplay footage and allows players to test their survival skills.

Everything takes place in a quarantined zone from one of the game’s missions. Players are tasked with choosing a path they feel most comfortable with in each situation. Ultimately you’ll just have to take multiple runs to realize the number of ways you can approach the open world of Dying Light.

As you progress through the interactive trailer, you’ll unlock original artwork and come across interesting details about the enemies hounding the game. The trailer also gives you a fair glimpse of its gameplay mechanics.

Techland strongly suggests that players should play through the trailer on a PC, rather than a a mobile device.

Earlier this week, the developer announced a new pre-order incentive. Purchasing the game now will earn you rewards in the shape of rare weapons that will come in handy when taking on the undead.

Weapons offered in these deals will come in form of dockets, which players will be able to redeem in-game. The dockets will be handed out weekly, which means that sooner players pre-order, more weapons they will receive.

Dying Light is scheduled for release on January 27 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.