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Tak Fuji Leaves Konami After Nearly 20 Years of Service

Tak Fuji, manager and producer at Konami, has parted ways with the company after working there for almost 20 years.

The announcement was made by the man himself via his twitter account where he thanked the fans for their support in all these years.

He was not only known to public for his work on the games, but also for his witty attitude and funny personality. Even today, his twitter feed is filled with some sarcastic jokes.

He got special attention in the media after he did the presentation for Ninenty Nine Nights 2 at 2010’s E3. If you missed out on it back then, check it out

">right here.

He has left the gaming studio, but he assures that he will stay active on his twitter account, where his fans can stay in touch with him at all time.

No official statement providing reasons for Tak Fuji departure has been given by Konami, but it is most likely due to the cancer with which Fuji was diagnosed last year.

His loss from Konami will surely be felt, and we wish him very best for his future aspirations.