Splatoon Gets Leaderboards, Concept Art, Screenshots and Details

Splatoon has really looked interesting in all the details that Nintendo EAD Group No. 2 has been sharing so far. If you remember, we had also shared some of those some days back.

However, so far, the details were shared in Japanese and many of us had trouble understanding all the details. This has been addressed by Nintendo; they have launched a Tumblr Page for the game in English with all the images and details.

Among them were some new ones like leaderboards, other concept art as well as screenshots detailing aspects of the game.

We were able to see and understand how the Splatoon leaderboards work. The said Tumblr page has a screenshot showing how they look and also shares details on them in the way that the developers always do:

Squid Research Lab back with another report! We’ve just learned that in a turf war, each team earns points based on how much of the ground it covers with ink. You can also splatter opponents, but this apparently doesn’t affect the final score. It’s all about inking the most turf!

Other than this, a concept art image showed off a female squid character that wields a long ranged weapon and dons a knit hat. Another image showed off some ink rails that let the characters to ride to other places when they are in squid form.

The second concept art image shows off a huge weapon that the octopus army is keeping hidden underground – this weapon is powered by electric catfish.

Splatoon is being developed as Wii U exclusive and is expected to hit the racks in the second quarter of 2015.