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New Giana Sisters Game Revealed for Early 2016

Black Forest Games is currently working on a new Giana Sisters game which is planned for release in early 2016.

During an interview with Red Bull, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Black Forest Games Adrian Goersch said that even though the studio is currently busy with DieselStörmers, they haven’t forgotten about Giana Sisters.

“Expect a new Giana early 2016,” he revealed. “Also we are considering bringing the Dream Rush multiplayer mode we just released for PC to consoles if it is received well by the community.”

Goersch then went on to express the studio’s desire to bring Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams to other systems as well. The game was released on the PC in 2012 and then followed on to the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U in 2013. It was received warmly and fans would surely be excited to know about a sequel in the works.

An HD Director’s Cut Edition of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is currently available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that runs in native 1080p and pumps out stable 60 FPS. It features both the main game and the stand-alone add-on Rise of the Owlverlord, as well as add-on packs in the shape of The Christmas Levels and The Halloween Levels.