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Latest Steam Controller Prototype Undergoes Some More Changes

The latest Steam client beta has been updated with a prototype of the update Steam Controller, which does not look very different from what we saw earlier this year.

Some of the obvious changes witnessed in the updated prototype are the controller’s overall compactness and inclusion of a ‘four-point directional guide on the left touch-pad’. All previous changes which were made in July 2014 including the addition of the left analogue stick are still there.

While it’s not known how the company plans on utilizing the ‘four-point directional guide’, ValveTime notes that it’s going to be a ‘softer, more diverse alternative to the standard D-Pad’.

Those of you who have not been following the Steam Controller, below I have provided a quick rundown of all the changes made to the Steam Controller over the past year:

Steam Controller

Steam Controller New

Steam Controller


Speaking to TechRadar back in November, Valve’s Doug Lombardi stated that the company is planning to reveal a large Steam Machine during Game Developers Conference in March 2015. While nothing can be considered concrete at this moment, we like to believe that a near-finalized Steam Controller will also be unveiled during the conference.

Those of you who are a part of Steam Client Beta, they can check the prototype themselves by heading to the below directory:

Steam/tenfoot/resource/images/library/controller directory

Do you think the Steam Controller has finally attained its perfect shape do would you like some more changes? Let us know in the comments below!