InnoGames Signs Unreal Engine 4 For Mobile RPG

Developer InnoGames has reached a contractual agreement with Epic Games to work with Unreal Engine 4. With the company’s newest development tools, InnoGames will work on a mobile roleplaying game (RPG).

Dennis Rohlfing, Head of Producing at InnoGames, states that the company wants to compete in the tough mobile market. This would be ideal with their new partnership, as further stated:

The Unreal Engine is a great technological foundation, especially for the development of prototypes. This way, we can focus on gameplay and optimized usability right from the beginning.

With Unreal Engine 4, the developer would be able to concentrate on iOS and Android equally. The newest development programs focus on multi-platform functionality, which was pioneered mostly by the Unity engine.

Unreal Engine 4 is steadily being integrated as the new development standard, after the first game that uses it was released this year. Procedurally generated horror game Daylight, which launched in late April, received that honor, though the game itself may not have fared as well.

Recently, Unreal Engine 4 also briefly grazed with controversy, though indirectly. Upon release of the still heavily contested shooter, Hatred, Epic Games asked the developer to take down their branding.

InnoGames has about 25 people working on their mobile project with Unreal Engine 4. This yet undetermined game will be a sizable part of the company’s release schedule in 2016.

Recently, InnoGames started branching out its range of free-to-play games to mobile platforms. Prior to that, the studio offered their titles as browser games.