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Hatred Silently Pops Back up at Steam Greenlight in One Day

You would remember Hatred – not the feeling, the game – that sparked a heated debate over the lines that should and should not be crossed.

The game was regarded by some as an experiment into an untapped territory by some while others regarded it as pure incitement towards violence ever since we originally talked about it back in October. Its introduction was worth a watch in itself.

Hatred was available on Steam Greenlight where the community ranted on about why they would support or refuse to support it – you are going to find a lot of interesting reasons that the people gave for voting “yes” on it. Some based their opinions on the fact that they wanted to support their anti-political point of view.

Anyhow, it was expected that the negative reception on the controversial content that the game is built on, led to Valve Corporation taking the game off of the Steam Greenlight platform yesterday.

Somehow, they have had a change of hearts and now, the game is back up; like only after a day of absence.

While nothing was clarified as to why the game was being removed, Valve has also not stated why they have put it back on. This is, clearly an example of how Valve has been obscure about their policies regarding content that is allowed and the content that is not allowed.

Even some of the employees on the forums of Destructive Creations, the developer were bewildered:

DAFUQ it’s about 3am in Poland I’m in bed I have no idea what’s going on, will investigate it. You won’t believe but I know nothing. They didn’t text me about it. Maybe they sent something only to our CEO, I’ll know tomorrow.

Nonetheless, Hatred is back on and the only issue that remains is whether it will last long – like Postal – or not.