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GTA: San Andreas 2 Press Release is a Fake!

A press release citing GTA: San Andreas 2 which is being shared around the web is apparently a fake.

So far the fake press release has been shared over 42,000 times and states that Rockstar Games will be releasing the sequel to San Andreas in 2015.

Here’s a short excerpt from that statement:

NEW YORK, NY – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2 has finally been confirmed this week after Rockstar made the surprising announcement at the Playstation Experience event in Las Vegas, the day after The Game Awards. The game will take place in 1999, 7 years after the events of San Andreas. CJ will return as the main character, again being voiced by Young Maylay.

The news originated at Grand Times, which currently has just over ten articles and is probably promoting inaccurate but hot topics to reel in readers.

While Rockstar Games has so far not commented on the matter, logic dictates that it would be bizarre for the studio to release a new sequel since it isn’t even finished with the release of the PC version of GTA V.

Not to mention that the developer will surely have to be focusing on future patches, balances, updates, content packs and more for GTA V next year. It seems highly inappropriate to release another GTA title, when everyone’s hyped about the last one.