GTA Online Heists Coming Early 2015 to All Platforms, More Tidbits Shared

At long last, Rockstar has finally announced GTA Online Heists but don’t get too excited as there’s still time before they become part of the game.

Rockstar made the announcement earlier today revealing that the Heists will be making their way to GTA Online in early 2015, and will feature 20 hours of new gameplay along with new weapons, vehicles and other items.

Initially, the game will feature five heists that will be split into 20 missions, and special rewards will be handed out to the players for completing them in a certain order as well as for completing them in the first person mode.

In an interview with IGN, lead designer Imran Sarwar apologized to the fans for the delay and provided the reasons.

We never want to have to move a date but if something is delayed, it’s because it’s not at the level we expect of ourselves. And while we’re not there yet, we’re getting close and Heists will be ready early in 2015.

The heists coming to GTA Online will be very similar to the single player campaign, as there will be set-up missions that will lead into a big finale.

A series of multi-tiered missions featuring diverse prep work, a range of different types of gameplay and a big finale, where team coordination and playing your own distinct role could make the difference between success or failure.

Do note that four player crew is required to participate in an online heist, all of them should be ranked 12 or above with each one doing the mission that is assigned to them.

To get a glimpse of what’s in store for you, check out the attached video above.