Until Dawn 8-Minute Demo Shows The Horrors That Await

The upcoming story-driven thriller, Until Dawn was playable at the Playstation Experience event that took place earlier this month. However, those of you who didn’t get to try it out can see the whole 8-minute video extracted from the same demo.

Fans who have been following up on the game would know that it is a psychological thriller and every decision that you will make will have consequences.

In the demo above, you will see Sam, one of the playable characters thinking that her friends are trying to pull a prank on her by scaring her.

However, as she explores the whole place, she starts to realize that things are not as they seem and there’s something seriously wrong going on.

The psycho killer then steps in to show what he is capable of and now Sam has to run for her life.

Decisions that you will make in Until Dawn will be based on different QTE moments, very much like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

The game wants you to get the feel that you are actually being chased by a psycho killer as you try to escape his grasp by any means necessary.

Until Dawn is slated for release in the summer of 2015, exclusively to PlayStation 4.