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Reflex On Early Access Wants Old, Fast Shooters Back

The old model of a fast and furious arena shooter seems to be making comeback. Meet Reflex, a game currently on Steam via Early Access that harkens back to the days of Unreal Tournament and such.

Visuals for the first-person shooter (FPS) employ the same mix of lava pits and futuristic environments as its peers from the nineties. With some neon glows included as well, there’s also a slight Tron vibe.

The pitch for Reflex is pretty straightforward. It has fast FPS glory. For now, the Early Access version has a free-for-all, team deathmatch and a 1v1 mode for when things get really serious. Additionally, there’s a map editor to create your own levels.

Going further on being traditional, Reflex boasts LAN support, because people used to have to move their PC to play together. More efficiently, the shooter comes with dedicated servers, noted as being “one of our completely obvious features that should be in every game but for some reason isn’t anymore.”

Matchmaking and more game modes are afoot. Also, Reflex is targeting to hit a smooth 120 frames per second, even though the standard is 60 still, just to be sure.

Perhaps for newcomers to the genre, an upcoming training and coaching feature would be the best thing.

Recently, Reflex has added an Arena mode that spawns players with all weapons and max ammo. Arena is available in all current game modes.

Some community maps were added to the selection as well.  To access this content, you’ll need to head into the Betas tab in your Steam Client and hit the “test” branch.

Reflex runs at a price of $9.99 or an unequal €9.99. We advise picking it up through the developer’s site that has a single currency model.

If you need a bit of practice before diving in, remember that Quake Live also recently came back to Steam as a free game.