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PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Crowdfunding Campaign Cancelled Due To Criticism

Dinosaurum Games released the debut trailer for its upcoming title Without Memory last week, but due to its low quality and vagueness, people started to criticize both the game and developers.

However, instead of lashing out at the community, developers have taken this criticism right to the heart, and have admitted that the visuals were indeed not up to the quality that people expect from a PlayStation 4 title.

After admission, developers removed the debut trailer and have announced that Boomstarter campaign will be come to end by the end of this week, and money will be refunded to the backers.

The developers now want to take their sweet time with the development process and give the fans what they expect from the game.

The whole concept of Without Memory will be revised, cast will be changed, and more focus will be on atmosphere and storyline. The 3D models of the characters will be totally revamped as well.

Now the goal of the developers is to create a playable demo, and then get support of a publisher to receive proper funding. Until then, the team will continue their work on the project through the available finances.

It’s good to see Dinosaurum Games responding to the criticism like this, and we hope that the team will be able to give its fans the story-driven experience that they want from the game.

Previously, Without Memory was set to arrive in 2016 but in the light of recent circumstances, you should not expect to see this game anytime soon.

Source: VK Community.