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No Man’s Sky Has No DLC, No Earth, No Gender Choice, One Ship

We have already received boatloads of information regarding No Man’s Sky thanks to the ready to talk attitude of Hello Games. However, there still is a lot more and so tons of new questions were answered by the developers recently.

Game Informer has published a long interview they held with Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games where dozens of one liners provided small bits and pieces of information on different aspects of the game.

So we have been told that while the universe of No Man’s Sky is infinite, it means that you can keep going in to the darkness and it will not end; probably in an open and empty space with nothing whatsoever.

You will only be able to keep one ship at a time. That ship too will not be customizable though you will be able to switch between ships depending on your preferences. Moving on, you will also not be able to build a space station or teleport to your ship (you do get a shop though).

As far as things you will be able to do are concerned; they include swimming underwater, chopping down trees, taking pictures, playing with friends, getting stuck in a black hole, landing on asteroids, and get bored while playing the game – really Murray said that too.

Now towards the things that you won’t be able to do; these include collecting plants, building a shelter, select the gender of your character, terraform a planet, destroy a planet, ride a dinosaur, reach the end of the universe, or download any DLC – yes, that is true because the game has none.

Murray also shared some random tidbits like the fact that there will be NPCs in the game, and that there will not be any major differences between the gravity on different planets.

Talking of, there will be some Earth like planets (and planets that are the size of the Earth) but Earth itself will not be among them. also, all the planets will not be welcoming as sosme will not be able to sustain life.
So what do you think of all these new details regarding No Man’s Sky?