Frontiers Dev Backpedals On Early Access Dismission, Out Now

Lars Simkins, developer of indie project Frontiers, is probably eating a lot of their own words right now. The game that’s depicted as a revival to classic Elder Scrolls gameplay has launched on Steam via Early Access, where it comes to €14.99 for admittance.

There are a few inconsistencies here. First off, the developer previously noted that the game was most likely getting a release in 2014, but since it just went live on Early Access and needs a lot of work, it’s unlikely a full launch is forthcoming early next year.

More importantly, Simkins revealed earlier this year that Frontiers would “stay well clear” of Early Access, after witnessing the disasters that happen there. Eating crow is a roleplaying game (RPG) survival thing, right?

It’s pretty shifty and indecisive for the developer to ride chatter to approve of a model or not, but at least there’s a lot of transparency handed out as well. In an earlier video, Simkins begrudgingly yet openly admits they’re fully in the wrong on that part.

Seriously, watch that video. Its entirety is Simkins coming to terms that they’re basically an idiot who fell into every development pitfall of an indie startup.

So, what can you expect from Frontiers? Well, the full version will have three completely story acts, as well as co-op with up to four people.

Right now, the sprawling RPG has two acts in place. It’s focused on exploration, so it should be a rather soothing experience.

There are, of course, also ways to interact with the environment, with abilities such as fishing, hunting and so on.  Frontiers also features a “Minecraft-style item crafting system,” because that’s what games do these days.

In further honesty, the developer recently announced that Frontiers should under no circumstance be purchased as a Christmas gift for loved ones, as the game’s unfinished. Points for effort, at least.