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Final Fantasy XV English Reveal Trailer Released by Square Enix

You might have seen the Final Fantasy XV reveal trailer already but the ones you saw was in Japanese. Now all of us are not proficient in that language – like me – and an English version is always a good thing.

Square Enix knows that the west needs to fully appreciate the latest installment in the famed series and so they have rereleased the trailer with English voiceover.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, the two and a half minute long video you see above will show you the players riding their sleek car on a road with a gigantic monster lifting its head on the side of the road. They really look like a long way from home.

Throughout the video you see them fighting side by side at the same time when they are making random remarks on each other like ‘I could do with a bath,’ or that ‘we need a place to hole up’ and so on. It ends impressively:

It’s been a long time, too long… but not much longer

The release date of Final Fantasy XV is still unknown, but the game is being developed for Xbox One and PlayStation. Keep checking back for more.