Final Fantasy Explorers New Videos Detail Thief & Alchemist Jobs

Just a couple of days ahead of Final Fantasy Explorers release on Nintendo 3DS, Square Enix has shared two new videos to showcase Thief and Alchemist jobs.

Both videos are short but will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from both professions. Do note that the game features twenty jobs and these are just two of them.

You can check out both of the jobs in action in the videos posted below:



Final Fantasy Explorers will feature both single player and multiplayer modes. You will start the game on an island, but soon you will be able to visit locations beyond it.

Instead of going with the story-driven structure of other Final Fantasy games, this one follows quest-driven structure and if you find the quests too difficult or too easy, they are completely adjustable.

Furthermore, there will be a creation system which will allow you to craft different items utilizing 500 different pieces of equipment available throughout the game.

The main objective of the game is to locate and collect crystals that have been scattered around the world.

Final Fantasy Explorers does not have a western release date yet, but it will hit Japanese stores on coming Thursday, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.