Dota 2 Shifting Snows Update is Here with a Lot of Balancings

You might have been waiting for the Dota 2 Shifting Snows update, also known as Patch 6.83 – the wait is now over!

Valve Corporation took to the official blog of Dota 2 with the news that the update was now here. They also laid down a few lines to define the setting of the snowy fronts that you are going to be fighting in:

Light dwindles and cold creeps in. The Shifting Snows Update has arrived, bringing with it this year’s Winter Map as well as a small gameplay update. As heroes shiver down the lanes to meet their fate, a new effigy material has emerged from the ice, new treasures have brought new armor to warm by the fire, and the arrival of Gift Wrap heralds the season of Givening. Check out the Shifting Snows Update page for more information.

More than that, they listed the changelog on the separate page of the update where you can look up on all the buffs and nerfs that have been made to your favorite heroes – and there are many.

Top of the list changes would be the 30% increase in the powershot distance of Windranger as well as an increase in the lethality of Crystal Maiden. Lina’s power has also been increased – further.

The most prominent buffs and nerfs would include the subability of Lifestealer through Infest that allows it to control the infested unit. Then there are changes made to Sniper where Sharpnel is not going to damage buildings any more in return of three 40 second refresh time charges.

Check out the complete patch notes of Dota 2 Shifting Snows and tell me what you think.