Destiny: The Dark Below – How to Unlock The Will of Crota Strike

The Will of Crota is a Level 26 Strike featured in Destiny: The Dark Below. It’s located in the Old Russia, Earth and requires the completion of several bounties to unlock.

Completing this Strike will reward players with an Armor Upgrade, 20 Vanguard Marks, and 4800 XP Bonus.

To start, talk to the new NPC Eris Morn, located on the left side of your spawn. Speak with her and she will give you the Fist of Crota bounty. This bounty requires the completion of the first story mission.

After its completion, you will unlock Siege of the Warmind which will unlock another bounty called The Wakening. Completing these bounties will reward players with the Murmur Fusion Rifle and a couple of additional bounties.

The Extermination bounty requires killing 25 Knights or Wizards. This can easily be done during The Wakening. You will come across 4 Knights and 4 Wizards in the last room. Kill them all, followed by killing yourself and repeat the process.

The next set of bounties (three, in total) requires you to find certain things/enemies on Earth. Here is a quick rundown of everything you need to do:

Hand of Crota
Travel to the Lunar Complex on Earth and head inside. Keep on exploring the insides of the building until you come across a dark room teeming with Hive. Clear the area of all the enemies and travel to the top-right edge of the area.

In this area, you will come across an enemy named Servant of the Hand. Kill Servant of the Hand and other Hive enemies to end this.

Eyes of Crota
Travel to the Skywatch and head inside the Terrestrial Complex. Go through the building until you end up in an open area. Explore this open area and you will come across the Servant of the Eyes right next to a jar.

You are required to kill the Servant of the Eyes and pick up the jar. Once you have done so, take down the enemies to complete this bounty.

Heart of Crota
For this bounty, you need to travel to the Devil’s Lair and head inside the refinery. Inside the refinery, go past the first area and you will come across the Servant of the Heart.

Kill this enemy to force-spawn a wizard which is the last enemy you need to kill to complete this bounty. Do note that this is before the area where Ghost cuts through the lasers.

Once you have completed all these bounties, return to Eris who will give you another bounty to unlock the The Will of Crota.