Blackguards 2 Soundtrack Made By Watch Dogs Composer


Publisher Daedalic Entertainment is slowly but surely enhancing its projects with high-profile matters. Its upcoming roleplaying game (RPG) Blackguards 2 will receive a soundtrack from the hands of Peter Connelly.

Connelly’s work is credited to several major releases since 1995. For example, the composer’s sounds can be found in Driver: San Francisco or Tomb Raider’s Angel of Darkness.

That latter example was recorded at Abbey Road with the London Symphony Orchestra. This move was recently mimicked by King, who launched a new Candy Crush Saga with a soundtrack created this way. What a time to be alive.

Recently, Peter Connelly has contributed to more of publisher Ubisoft’s major releases. Both Watch Dogs and The Crew have work from the sound artist present in their game.

Blackguards 2 is currently headed for release on PC on January 20, 2015. That would technically make the RPG a yearly release, as the original launched early this year as well.

There are a few changes to Daedalic’s approach though. For starters, the RPG won’t go through Early Access, like it did previous time.

Moreover, the developer has taken into account the feedback from the last release to improve on the turn-based strategy model of its combat.

In Blackguards 2, it’s now possible to interrogate prisoners. This will give the players more info about upcoming battles, as well as offer a chance to do a surprise attack.

Blackguards 2 will cost $34.99 or €29.99 upon release. It will be localized in English and German, but also receive subtitles for several other languages.