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Xbox One Goes $80 Cheaper in China! Still Costs Over $600

Back in October this year, we had reported that Microsoft managed to move more than 100,000 units in Mainland China on the day one of the console’s launch in the region.

This could have been an indicator that the console is going to tread well in the region as compared to the past experience; but the good days didn’t really last long and Microsoft is already having trouble.

The latest we have from that part of the world is news regarding a decrease in the price on which the console is being sold by the retailers. The price of the console has been decreased by around 500 RMB (approximately $80) according to Sina.

The drop itself might look really substantial for a person who has been looking at the price of an Xbox One in the west, but it looks a little less substantial if you compare it with the price that the console is being sold on usually.

When Microsoft launched their latest generation console, it was sold at 4299 RMB (around $700!) while dropping Kinect gave you the console for 3699RMB. This price included two free games though.

Now, with the decrease being in effect, you can get the console with Kinect for 3799 RMB and for 3199 RMB without it. So yeah, that is some good news for the fans in China.

However, it is still being sold to the tunes of 615 dollars if you look at the exchange rate being provided by Google right now and I am sure many of us would feel uncomfortable paying that much after seeing offers as low as $299 recently.