Warhammer Quest, From 1995 Board Game To Steam

Today, we’re going back. How far are we going back? Way back; we’re going to 1995, when Warhammer Quest was released as Games Workshop’s newest board game. It mixed together regular board play with what’s essentially a full roleplaying game (RPG) design.

In the present, publisher Chilled Mouse has announced that they would convert this old adventure into a video game. It will come with most of the original’s content.

Warhammer Quest has four heroes: Barbarian, Wizard, Elf and Dwarf. These characters proceed through randomly generated dungeons from a top-down view, where they fight monsters from the Games Workshop realm.

During their adventure, the party can encounter treasure or pick up loot from fallen enemies. These can be used to enhance capabilities. Instead of experience, the board game uses gold.

Since this is Games Workshop property and they tend to have some sort of catch, Warhammer Quest will come in two formats; a normal and deluxe edition.

In the regular version of the game, priced at either $14.99 or an unequal €14.99, there are three game areas and a Vampires and Zombies enemy pack. Seven more heroes, five additional weapons and a Skeletons & Necromancers enemy pack can be bought in-game.

In Warhammer Quest Deluxe, aforementioned goodies will be included, though it costs $29.99 or €27.99 to grab that edition.

Warhammer Quest is in itself a successor to HeroQuest, which introduced the RPG board game model in 1989. This would be its 25th anniversary.

It looks like Warhammer Quest will miss that birthday by a hair, as its release date is set for January 7, 2015. Preorders are currently up at a 20% discount.