TGA 2014 Producer Explains Why Fallout 4 Wasn’t Announced by Bethesda

You might have been looking forward to some new DOOM gameplay footage or, finally, the announcement of Fallout 4 at The Game Awards 2014. Nothing like that was shared by Bethesda, and it left many of the Fallout fans waiting.

Apparently it looks like ‘the timing didn’t work out for them.’

Game journalist tuned presenter, Geoff Keighley who also is the producer of The Game Awards 2014 took to Reddit where he held an Ask Me Anything session with the community.

This is where he was asked about a certain tweet he had made couple of days back when he uploaded an image of a ‘great night planning with the ladies who run Bethesda;’ saying that ‘they were missed.

He was asked to add something to the reason why Bethesda were completely missing from The Game Awards 2014 – they didn’t reveal anything about DOOM neither did they reveal Fallout 4.

This was Keighley’s response to the question:

Not sure there is a lot to clarify, I meet with publishers and developers all the time to catch-up and plan things. I never said we were planning anything specifically for The Game Awards, in fact I think when I put out that tweet I hadn’t even announced the show yet. Of course I ask Bethesda (just like every other publisher) about showcasing new content at the awards but timing didn’t work out for them.

Well, we had known that Bethesda will not be showing anything at TGA but it seems that if the awards had been held sometime later, we could have found ourselves with something to dote.

It seems like forever since we have been using the term ‘no Fallout 4,’ don’t you think it is time?