Shelter 2 Shows Changing Seasons

Swedish developer Might and Delight have released a new trailer for Shelter 2, their adventure game with a lynx family that tries to survive in the wild. In the clip, we get to see how the game’s weather system will affect the game world.

An entire season mechanism has been put into Shelter 2. It will roll over the landscape as falling, red leaves in autumn, snow-capped hills in winter and lush environments in spring and summer.

It will only take about an hour of game time for an entire year to come and go in Shelter 2. This will force the lynx family to stay mobile, in order to survive.

For instance, their hunting grounds may change, as prey becomes scarce in certain locations, due to the changing seasons. Additionally, the weather can adjust the terrain itself, such as rivers freezing over in winter, which enables the group to cross water to reach new locations.

Shelter 2 is a broad continuation of its original release, which featured a badger family. In the sequel, there will be certain roguelike elements that make consecutive playthroughs unique.

Breeds can be carried over as well, which gives a lynx a specific fur pattern.

Music in the clip features the game’s theme song; a simple and soothing easy listening track. Tunes will once more be provided by Retro Family.

It was announced earlier that Might and Delight would need to delay Shelter 2. It is now set for release on Steam, GOG and other digital platforms in February of 2015.