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Pre-Ordering Dying Light Will Get You Top-Tier Rare Weapons

Techland has launched a new initiative that will attract a lot of fans into pre-ordering its upcoming zombie title, Dying Light.

The developers have announced that upon pre-ordering the game, players will be rewarded with some rare weapons that will come in handy when taking on hordes and hordes of zombies.

Weapons offered in these deals will come in form of dockets, which players will be able to redeem in-game.

The dockets will be handed out weekly, which means that sooner players pre-order, more weapons they will receive.

To participate, players will have to pre-order Dying Light and then register their pre-orders at this link.

After that, players will have to link their Steam, PSN or Xbox Live account at the website and once the game has been released, players will receive these dockets.

Seems like a good initiative especially for those who love to go all in against zombies and obviously for that, you need to have good reliable weapons at your disposal.

The developers are trying to bring new life to zombie genre with Dying Light by including parkour element, which will help players in moving around rather easily.

You will not have to wait for too long to get your hands on the game, as it is scheduled to come out on Jan. 27, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.