You Play a Dinosaur in Saurian from 66 Million Years Ago!

You might or might not have heard of Saurian, the game that lets you play as dinosaurs from the ancient times! Yes, that is really happening.

The game is named after species of lizards that are understood to be the descendants of dinosaurs; but make no mistake; it is not lizards you will be dealing with in Saurian.

It is an open world survival game where you get to choose between various species of dinosaurs and then go out in the world to kill, or be killed.

Your activities will depend on the kind of dinosaur you choose to be. For instance, being a smaller animal that can rely on plants won’t have to fuss too much for the food but it will have to stay away from predators.

Similarly, carnivorous animals will need to look for a prey and then fight them in order to go chomp-chomp. This will put you in the risk of getting hurt and may be stay hungry.

You can check out a very early alpha build of Saurian above and tell us what you make of it.