Minecraft Movie Director Shawn Levy Leaves the Project Due to Idea Clash

Just a few months back, it was brought to light that Night of the Museum’s director, Shawn Levy has been hired by Warner Bros. to work on a movie based on the popular Minecraft game.

However, this move has not gone as planned, as Levy has parted ways with Mojang and in a recent interview, he has provided his reasons for leaving.

He says that he wanted the movie to be like “The Goonies” but this idea did not sit well with the people at Mojang, which is why he decided to leave the project.

How might this ever be a story for a movie? Because it’s not a narrative game. And we came up with an approach that felt good to us, and I discussed it with Mojang. And they’re like, ‘That doesn’t sound like what we want. If we’re going to see a movie get made, we don’t know what we want, but that doesn’t feel right.

He continued on to say that he has four other movies to look forward to in the coming years, and the best way to focus on them is by leaving this Minecraft project.

Finally, he stated that Mojang themselves are unclear about what they want, and his idea did not seem to do the trick either.

Mojang is still figuring out what they want. We gave it a shot and it wasn’t the right fit, so, these things happen.

Minecraft is an open game and there are a lot of ways it can be made, but to come up with an idea that appeals to all is definitely difficult with the game of this scale and variety.

We hope that Mojang and the next person hired as director will work well and give Minecraft a movie that lives up to the game’s name.