Kunio Neo Leaves Capcom Europe as New CEO, Hiroshi Tobisawa Joins

Kunio Neo held the post of the chief executive officer at Capcom Europe for the last two years. Now, however, it is time for him to move on and bring in fresh blood to head the company in the region.

Neo has announced today that he is leaving the post of CEO for the company and welcoming his replacement, Hiroshi Tobisawa to take charge:

It is with great sadness that I announce today that I am to leave Capcom. I am incredibly proud to have had the chance to work with the team at Capcom Europe over the last two years. My successor, Hiroshi Tobisawa, has a long and distinguished record working at Capcom and I look forward to seeing what the company goes on to achieve under his management.

As far as the history of Tobisawa is concerned, the guy is an internal promotion rather than procurement from the market. He has worked previously as the president and managing corporate officer for Capcom United States as well as the director of overseas business.

Most recently, Tobisawa was the director of the company’s Asian segment.

When bidding farewell to Kunio Neo, Tobisawa said that he was honored to take his place and that he was “looking forward to working with the various teams across Europe to continue to build on our success as we look to the future.”

We wish good luck to Kunio Neo for his future endeavors and more importantly, look forward to what Tobisawa can do for the company in the coming years.