Killer Instinct Update 2.2 Detailed, Cybernetic Riptor Incoming

Microsoft has announced all there is to know about the upcoming update 2.2 of Xbox One’s Killer Instinct. Starting early 2015, devs will roll-out the awaited update, that is going to add a new character called Riptor.

Riptor was teased last-month and is making a comeback in a re-imagined form. The character dinosaur has both the animal and human DNA inside and is now cybernetic riptor.

Riptor was also a part of the original game and a new trailer and gameplay is expected to stream sometime today.

You can check out some of the highlights from the changelog below:

  • Riptor’s stage “Hatchery 09”
  • Story mode
  • Dossiers for all S1 characters
  • Balance changes and fixes
  • Increased character and stage loading speed
  • New character select screen icons and silhouettes
  • TJ’s Retro Costume

If you wish to read more about it, by following the link here.

Since the update is adding alot, it’s going to be a pretty hefty download. Microsoft also revealed that the update will weigh-in at 10 GB, so for people with slow internet, it’s gonna be a long ride.

Before the update is available, you can customize Orchid and Sabrewulf with Christmas-themed costumes. Keep in mind that after you download and install update 2.2, these costumes will no longer be available for customization.

Lastly, players were complaining about slow character loading, which the devs are now going to fix with 2.2.

“You should see a slight decrease in load times now, and this will continue to improve over the next several months’ updates,” Said Microsoft’s creative director Adam Isgreen.

So there you have it, update 2.2 is going to come out on January 1, 2015. For more on Killer Instinct, keep it locked at SegmentNext.