Dementium 3DS Port Confirmed by Renegade Kid for Q2 2015

Well, that came in fairly quickly.

Only couple of days ago Renegade Kid had said that they will be sharing some news about the future of their horror franchise in early 2015. However, it seems the developers of Dementium didn’t want to wait for that long.

Jools Watsham, the cofounder of the development studio was talking to Vinesauce over at Twitch where he was asked about the future of the franchise.

It looks like their immediate plans regarding the famed IP are concerned with bringing the original game in the series to Nintendo 3DS! Dementium: The Ward is going to be made available on Nintendo eShop.

This is not just going to be a simple port though. Watsham also revealed that they were currently working on improving some of the features that the game originally had.

For instance, they will improve the save system of the game. Previously, Dementium put the players back at the start of a level when they were killed by a boss and although this was improved in the EU release but the sequel took better care of this with the introduction of save devices.

Renegade Kids is planning to do something like that with the 3DS version of the first title. That is not all, they will also tweak the constant respawn of enemies – making the game a little easier.

I am sure the hardcore fans of the game looking to give it another go aren’t going to be pleased with this. Let’s see how the developer addresses that issue.

As far as the release of Dementium 3DS port is concerned, they are planning to bring it out in the second quarter of 2015.