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Death Knight Level 55 Requirement In World Of Warcraft Will Be Removed

Death Knight, the hero class that made its way to World of Warcraft a long time ago was welcomed by a lot of players.

However, due to Death Knight’s ability to start the game at Level 55, only way to play as this class was to have a separate character of Level 55 or above;¬†which I might add was a very big deal back then.

Now, due to the presence of Level 90 character boost purchase, Blizzard has realized that this requirement is no longer necessary; which is why they have decided to remove it.

Community Manager Nethaera in a blog post stated that Death Knight will continue to start at the Level 55 but there will be no requirement of having a separate character at the same or above level.

With availability of the level 90 character boost, we feel the requirement to have a character level 55 or higher to unlock the Death Knight as a playable class is no longer relevant.

The plan right now is to remove the limitation sometime next week, at which point players will be able to start a new Death Knight (which still begins at level 55) without first having to reach level 55 on another character.

Not a lot of players now want to grind their way to Level 55 which is why they just pay for the Level 90 boost, saving themselves a whole lot of trouble and time.

What is your take on the removal of this requirement? Let us know in the comments below!