Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Valve Fixes De_Train Bird Boost Bug

Over the years, we have seen many post-update issues in games. Crashes, bugs you name it, and it has happened again. Recently, Valve released a “De_Train” update, for the highly popular Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The update however, wasn’t the source of any bugs or crashes but there was a rather unique issue which occurred. After the “De_Train” update, players were able to ride a pigeon. That’s not a typo, yes! Players were able to get a boost from the pigeon and access some parts of the map, otherwise inaccessible.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the footage above for confirmation.

Although this can be highly useful for us all as this can give a pretty effective advantage over our opposing players but, Valve has now fixed this issue and everything is back to normal.

De_Train is a classic Counter Strike map which was given an overhaul through an update, a much needed overhaul I believe. The map has been around for a while but when it was introduced in Counter Strike Global Offensive, it suffered from some balancing issues but now seems to be in a relatively balanced state.

Have you tried De_Train? What do you think of the changes? Let us know of your opinions in the comments below!