Comments On Hatred Steam Greenlight Are Priceless

After some time for everyone to cool down, developer Destructive Creations is back with more Hatred. This ultra-violent PC game is currently looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

Hatred is an isometric shooter in mostly desaturated environments, where a lone anti-hero takes on New York State, killing indiscriminately anyone who opposes their advance. There’s a ton of destruction possible in the game, with explosions obliterating many parts of the scenery.

There will be seven locations in total that can be daunted freely in non-linear fashion. Aside from butchering civilians, it will also be possible to take out police officers and other armed forces, quite like Grand Theft Auto.

Moreover, the main character can use people as human shields and gather equipment off the dead to further their slaughter.

When Destructive Creations announced Hatred a few months back, the initial wave of reactions was rather extreme. Due to the character’s sociopath behavior and the trailer’s large emphasis on glorifying violence, many thought the game could be a problematic item for a lot of people.

Due to the controversy, the developer was asked by Epic Games to remove the Unreal Engine logo from their trailer, despite the game running on Unreal Engine 4. In fact, New York City officials chimed in and asked NYPD trademarks to be removed as well, which were seen in the reveal trailer.

In the teaser sent out to promote the Steam Greenlight campaign, neither affiliations are made clear. Regardless, the game is determined to continue development and it’s enjoying the support of many people who are voting up the game out of sheer spite.

Here are some quotes from the last hour on Steam Greenlight, for perspective:

Will Pre-Order because you are standing against the SJW cancer infesting gaming. Thank you for your service. – Dexter

I’d get it just to show my support for those who don’t support this Politically correct nonsense – Mr.Mercer

Only voting yes because of all the politically correct buttholes trying to censor it. But yeah, I’d probably check it out if it was available on steam. Seems like some good dumb fun for a while.

Censorship is not ok kids. Don’t do drugs. – White Cismale Oppressor

You probably want to base your support on something less shallow than anti-politics, as that has no value of its own. We’re just throwing that out there.

Hatred is due for release in the second quarter of 2015.