Coca Cola Jumps into eSports with Game-A-Thon 1.0 Today

You might have thought that big guns like Coca Cola would end up being like other ‘traditionalists’ who fail to see the potential in eSports and competitive gaming. However, that is not true; the fact is exactly the opposite.

Only to prove the point that they are really game for one of the most popular activities for gamers, the Coke Company is holding a Game-a-thon 1.0 where a number of competitive gaming titles will be played by a number of professional gamers.

The company headquarters in Atlanta are going to hold the Game-a-thon 1.0 event today i.e. Monday that will also be streamed via Twitch at 1PM Pacific Time. How’s that for an endorsement!

Matt Wolf, the head of global gaming for Coca-Cola, recently shared their opinion on professional gaming, eSports and more:

We are interested in gaming. It’s big. We know it. We’re being smart and focused about how we approach it. As we head into the end of the year, this opportunity with our friends at Twitch is a great way for us to cap off the year with a great on-site production. We can give back to the players and to a charity for the holidays.

As far as the eSports event itself is concerned, a total of five players are going to fight against each other in a five ‘mystery games.’ The games have been selected by Coca Cola itself and the fights will last a total of four hours.

The five participants of the Game-a-thon 1.0 are Swiftor, The Justin Flynn, Seltzer, Voyboy and Jon Carnage. Which one of them have you liked before and would you be watching them fight each other?